The company established in 1996 to introduce 5- gallon bottled water in the UAE market under the sponsorship of Mr. Khalifa Mubarak Al Hetmi. We now have the largest distribution channel in the country to make sure your water is delivered on time with purity .Quality standards have been established in accordance with the strict water manufacturing guidelines of Dubai, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and Codex Alimentarius and are closely monitored with Our Mineral Water Quality Control Team. Crystal Land Mineral Water is a fully certified and accredited manufacturing operation in adherence to ISO 22000 and HAACP. Furthermore, our product samples are regularly delivered to the Dubai & Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority for testing as well as to accredited third-party laboratories for their quality analysis and approval. We are committed to providing all our customers with the best, healthiest water product at all times. It is our aim is to be known as industry professionals in providing the highest quality water with purity in each drop.

Our products are processed and packaged in a fully automated, modern manufacturing facility utilizing innovative processing technologies. Water passes through a multi stage filtration system before it is blended with approved minerals to enhance the taste and quality, thus the Company has won local and international recognition through quality certifications, Once the used bottles arrive back at the plant our bottle inspection team monitored regularly for any type of contamination. The bottle then goes for manual washing using approved food grade sanitizer. Then the go to fully automated bottle washer, where they are rinsed, washed, sanitized; the bottles go through a preliminary manual inspection for blemishes by our highly trained staff, Once the bottle are filled, immediately they are capped, sealed and date coded. A tamper- evident sleeve is added to protect your water from any form of contamination further. The bottle then undergoes another inspection by one of our trained staffs and they are then loaded onto trucks. The majority of bottles are delivered to your house within 48 hours of bottling. This ensures that you receive only the UAE’s best quality water.

The Delivery of crystal Land water is free to your home or office, anywhere in the UAE.